Ture Wensjoe Ture Wensjoe - a piece of his family history

Ture Wensjoe was born in 1801 in Öckerö parish. The islands of Öckerö are situated on the west cost of Swedish just outside Gothenburg. His father was mate in the merchant navy and his mother was daughter to a fisherman and skipper. Ture Wensjoe was vicar in Klara parish in Stockholm and his sons emigrated during the late 1800's. His descendants now live in Peru, Chile and New Zealand.

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There is a biography of Ture Wensjoe in Swedish on http://runeberg.org/sbh/b0706.html.
Since most of his descendants don't understand Swedish I've made a translation to English. Read the translation!

Up till 1658 the Öckerö Islands were part of Norway, but since then they are part of Sweden. The people on the islands lived on what the sea gave. They were fishermen; mostly they caught herring but also cod and other fishes. Their welfare was very much depending on how much herring they could get and that varied a lot through the years. They were also skippers and seamen. The islands and their inhabitants suffered a lot during the wars between the neighbour countries Sweden and Denmark-Norway especially from the early 1600's up till 1720.

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