Ture Wensjoe - draft from "Svenskt biografiskt handlexikon"

Wensjoe, Ture, priest, theologian, author. Born in Torslanda parish in the diocese of Gothenburg April 1st 1801. Parents: merchant navy mate Johan Gabriel Wensjoe of Swiss origin, and Ingrid Torstensdotter.

As child W. moved with his parents to Gothenburg, went to primary school there and graduated from high school in Uppsala 1822. During these years he was a tutor. Among others he worked at Saltkälla in Bohuslän, for a wholesaler Willerding, whom made it possible for him to study at university, he got a master's degree in 1827. Shortly afterwards he succeeded the poet Nicander as tutor to count A.G. Mörners younger sons and stayed in this family for nine years. Priest ordination 1828, house preacher at count Mörner's, preacher 1833 and vice vicar 1835 in the diocese of Uppsala. After thirteen years in Uppsala he was appointed as vicar in Mariestad 1848, from there to Klara parish in Stockholm 1856, became doctor of theology 1860 and died in Stockholm October 6th 1865. 1852 he became leader of the work to reform the service-book and the catechism.

W. was one of the most distinguished theologians of the time and was several times asked to be a teacher at the University of Uppsala, once as professor at the theological faculty. He always refused this offers in favour for those who had started their carrier before him. As a theological author he was very productive, mostly as translator. Among works that he translated are: "Hutterus redivivus" 1833, for long literature in dogmatic courses at the university, "Sartorius: Christi person och verk" 1835, "Abbot: Modershemmet" 1839, "Abbot: Barndomshemmet" same year, "Gerlach: Förklaringar af Nya testamentets heliga skrifter" 1842-46, "Gerlac: Förklaring af Gamla testamentets heliga skrifter" 1846-56, "Martensen: Den christliga dogmatiken" 1849-50, Preaches of Martensen among others.

He has also written and published some preaches and translations etc.

Married in 1837 to Kristina Sofia Wilhelmina Elgenstierna.

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